Time for Labour reshuffle too?

While Labour may be calling it a 'no change' reshuffle, that may not be such a bad thing from the government's point of view according to one member of the party of opposition.

Last night I was discussing the reshuffle with a senior Labour figure, a chat which started with agreement on the general principle that an opposition must appear not just like a government, but more of a government than the current administration, if it wants to gain power.

But looking from brief to brief this person suggested the government still had the more feasible figure in post in most areas.

Some of that feeling is always down to the fact that it is easier to imagine someone as a minister if they are actually a minister.

But there is no doubting that if Labour people can't see their party as a government yet then neither will the electorate when it comes to the crunch.

Ed Miliband has time on his side, but will also have to think about whether he has the right people in the right places now too.