This is a vital issue for Norfolk and the political powers that be should not be having the debate behind closed doors

Flashback to 2007 and Norwich City Council celebrate the decision to grant the city council unitary

Flashback to 2007 and Norwich City Council celebrate the decision to grant the city council unitary local government status. The government later blocked the change. Photo: Nick Butcher. - Credit: EDP pics � 2007

Opinion: Why you should be reading all about the future of local government in Norfolk

We've been running a vital series in the EDP and Evening News this week - I do hope you've read it.

I wouldn't normally use this column to preach (not too much anyway) but Dan Grimmer and Richard Porritt's week of stories on the future of local government realy should not be missed.

In all honesty, I know the machinations of local government don't necessarily wet the whistle of everyone.

But I do sometimes wonder if people appreciate just how much of an influence these organisations have on their lives.

The rate of council tax you pay, bin deliveries, libraries, children's centres and sports facilities are just a handful of everyday things impacted by your local council.

If you add a list of services aimed at helping during an hour of need, there's another long list of other areas of life they impact.

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If the council structure is not efficient and affective, therefore, you can pretty much guarantee your life will be negatively affected in some way.

And that becomes even more of the case when budgets are being trimmed and cuts have to be made.

It was those cut-backs that have provided the backdrop for this week's special series.

We wanted to ask the question as to whether budgets have been so heavily hit that councils can no longer do their jobs properly and therefore new ways of working are needed.

I have also been increasingly aware that amongst the political powers that be, all sorts of plans and counter plans are being drawn up regarding the future, but this is happening without the public being made aware.

That is wrong, because if we are to have potential new models of local government to consider, it's only right and proper the people of Norfolk knows all of the options that are on the table.

We are doing all we can to bring this debate into the public arena and give you that - now it's the turn of the political leaders to do the same.

Please do get involved and on that basis I'd love to hear your views so email me at