Snapshots of a lost Norfolk world

EDP Weekend editor Trevor Heaton and feature writer Derek James look at new book celebrating a lost Norfolk world captured by photographer Tom Nokes.

It is a vanished Norfolk world of handlebars – and handlebar moustaches. Of caps and empty roads; of horses and hoops. The people of that world stare at us from the past, creating moments in time when we feel we can – almost – stretch a hand across the gulf of a century and reach into their innocent times.

One man captured all these evocative photographs, and many, many more – Norwich photographer Tom Nokes. And now a new book, Discovering Old Norfolk by Susan Wright, celebrates his life and features 300 of his most nostalgic studies.

Once all but forgotten, in recent years a new generation has rediscovered Nokes, who lived from 1869 to 1943. It was, of course, a time of enormous change but somehow it is the timelessness of the scenes which the photographer manages to capture, rather than the sense of change.

Author Susan Wright, a local historian and collector of photographs from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, has delved into the past to find out more about Tom the man, including some of his own family photographs, and information from Tom's personal notebook which brings to life details about his work.

For more pictures of Norfolk past captured by Tom Nokes see the EDP Weekend supplement in tomorrow's EDP.

Discovering Old Norfolk: The Road to the Past Through the Photographs of Tom Nokes (1869-1943) is published by Halsgrove, priced �19.99.