Reader Letter: Why I’d vote to leave the EU again

One reader isn't sure Theresa May is the best person to lead Brexit negotiations. Photo: PA

One reader isn't sure Theresa May is the best person to lead Brexit negotiations. Photo: PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

One reader thinks voting leave was the right choice. Do you agree?

It is really quite refreshing to read letters supporting Brexit in your letters column. I fully agree with Joe Aldous of Cantley (EDP, July 3). Refreshing, that is from reading all the letters from Remoaners forecasting doom.

Who wants to be part of a group that refuses to have their accounts audited? When I heard that I thought it was time to get out. They obviously have something to hide. Who wants to be part of a group who overrides our laws? Another reason to leave.

When the EU was first formed it was all about the Common Market — free trade — an excellent idea, but since then these unelected bureaucrats have introduced other laws which we have to comply with and didn't sign up to.

When I visited Madeira a few years ago I was told that the excellent roads we were travelling on were the result of Portugal joining the EU. Roads that had been built using our money when we were suffering with the rubbish roads we had then and still have today.

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I feel it is totally out of order to keep paying the EU during this leaving period and still having to pay the extortionate amounts to them. Why we couldn't leave straight away I do not know.

I will say, however, that the leaving process seems to be dragging its heels and I have to question if Theresa May is the right person. I can't understand why the government can't work together as a team, not just the Conservatives but the whole government. And as for the Lords as far as I'm concerned the sooner they are abolished the better.

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I voted out then and I would definitely vote out again if it ever came to another referendum.

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