Reader letter: Unilever only wanted Colman’s brand

Colman's Mustard made by Unilever.

Colman's Mustard made by Unilever. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

I am in full agreement with your campaign to keep the Colman and Britvic brands and production here in Norfolk where they rightfully belong.

However, as with most of the best known brands of all types of products which were developed, produced and distributed worldwide they have been sold to aggressive, well funded and well run giants such as Heinz and Unilever. They did not become colossal global organisations by sitting back, believing themselves to be untouchable.

When Unilever sought to buy Colman all they really wanted was the brand. They did not buy it to acquire a factory poorly served by road links to ports and national distribution hubs. Furthermore they could not care less where the stuff is made. That is why they are successful.

READ MORE: Campaign launched to save historic Norwich brands Colman's and BritvicI urge anyone who has a bottle of HP sauce in the cupboard, and I am willing to bet that includes a large proportion of your readers, to read the label. Under the iconic British Houses of Parliament they will find that this Heinz brand is made in the Netherlands.

One more item of the 'family silver' sold out of our hands and out of our country.

Like my school reports often said, 'we could do better.'

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