Reader letter: Expect more flytipping damage

Flytipping in Norwich.Photo:PETER WALSH

Flytipping in Norwich.Photo:PETER WALSH - Credit: Evening News © 2006

One reader thinks that the councils plans to charge people for dumping their DIY rubbish will only increase the number of flytipping incidents.

From April 1, Norfolk County Council will charge for taking DIY rubbish to the tip, £5 for each sack of non-recyclable rubbish, £3 rubble, £4 a car tyre and so on.

MORE: You will have to pay to take DIY waste to tips in Norfolk from next weekAnyone driving along the county's roads will pass by many tonnes of fly-tipped rubbish, dumped in our hedgerows and woodlands, on our grass verges, despite there being no charge to take it to the tip. How much more damage will be done to our local environment now the council is charging people to do the right thing?

To add insult to this injury, Norfolk County Council hasjust raised our council tax by 3pc. While the council pleads poverty, many

families are also struggling to make ends meet, but simply have to live within their means.

As the EDP revealed last year, the council sees fit to pay its managing director £207,000 a year. Just 10 council staff take nearly £2m in taxpayers' money between them.

Rather than ruining our environment by taxing people for taking their rubbish to the tip, may I suggest a better plan for April Fool's Day? Let's scrap every post at the council that pays more than £100,000 for a 12-month trial period.

Unlike this regressive charge on rubbish, I would be extremely surprised if anyone even noticed.

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