Reader Letter: The job of the grammar vigilante is no joke

A sign being corrected by self-confessed "grammar vigilante" who has been secretly correcting bad pu

A sign being corrected by self-confessed "grammar vigilante" who has been secretly correcting bad punctuation on street signs and shop fronts in Bristol for more than a decade. Picture: BBC News/PA Wire - Credit: PA

It was April 1 (All Fools' Day) so at first I didn't quite believe the item on the news I was listening to — but it proved to be true.

It seems that someone in a high ranking job by day, changes his clothes at night to conceal his identity covering his head with a hood.

He has been seen (or preferably not seen) lurking around business premises in the city where he lives. His family are aware of what he is doing.

MORE: 'It might be okay to correct signs in Bristol - but not here in Norwich' - city's message to The ApostrophiserIt seems this man is well versed in the English language. He has noticed on his travels that notice boards for some businesses have misused the apostrophe, either by misplacing, leaving it out or adding it when not necessary.

He makes replacement apostrophes at home to correct the mistakes and covers those wrongly used.

Surprisingly some of the business owners don't notice the alteration while others are happy that someone has taken the time and trouble to make the correction.

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His identity has remained somewhat of a secret. It would be rather harsh if he was charged with 'lurking with good intent' don't you think?

June Rose, Tollhouse Road, Norwich.

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