Reader letter: Tail-gating is unacceptable

Photo of 20mph zone sign (Picture: PA)

Photo of 20mph zone sign (Picture: PA) - Credit: PA

I have committed some speeding offences in my time, mainly for doing just over 30mph - including one in one of the temporary limits in the Northern Distributor works. I hold my hand up to these, but I still try hard (obviously not hard enough!).

However, one thing really gets to me, and that is people driving threateningly close behind me.

Recently I was driving towards Salhouse, had reduced speed at Thorpe End and again when the limit drops to 20mph. Suddenly this car charges past me — I dread to think how fast — practically disappearing from my sight in seconds.

Why do people like him/her never get caught?

I'm writing this in the hopes he/she reads it and feels just a little ashamed — after all, we'd all like to be able to go faster!

Marian Parslow,

Thorpe Avenue, Norwich.