Reader Letter: Shocked by litter on the Sandringham Estate

Sandringham House. Picture: Ian Burt

Sandringham House. Picture: Ian Burt

My husband and I went for a walk around Sandringham Estate today and we were quite shocked to see the amount of rubbish left by visitors to the estate.

Sandringham is not a public park, it is private land owned by her Majesty the Queen who kindly allows us the general public to use it.

As we walked along one of the many guided trails we found discarded bottles, cans and other rubbish. When we reached the viewing platform, we found it surrounded by rubbish. A lady employed by the estate stopped in her car to collect the rubbish, there were even wet wipes and nappies left lying around. What I found most disturbing was bags of dog waste, hanging in trees. Surely if you have brought a bag to pick up your dog toilet, you would carry it with you until you reach the bins in which to deposit it, or why pick it up!

Sandringham Estate is a big visitors' attraction, and a lovely place to take your children and dogs. It would be a great shame if we should lose the freedom to use it as we wish as we do now, because we misused it.

Mrs Debra McGowan, Black Horse Road, Clenchwarton