Reader Letter: Sheep pose a threat to world

One reader says sheep are destroying the environment. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

One reader says sheep are destroying the environment. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

One reader says that the way we use livestock needs a rethink. Do you agree?

I'm sure Prince Charles' motives for introducing thousands of sheep onto the Sandringham Estate are genuine and display his real concern for the planet. But surely in the week when the world's scientists combine to warn us that keeping livestock for consumption is the single biggest destroyer of our environment, I suggest it needs re-thinking.

Richard Shepherd's letter (January 18) praises Charles for his initiate and recommends we 'doff our hats' to this excellent scheme but everything I'm reading about meat and our unhealthy diets suggests the last things we need are thousands more belching and flatulent animals adding to the problems we face in the future.

Bringing these herds of sheep into Norfolk looks to me like an own goal so perhaps HRH might like to get in touch with some of these well-publicised experts and get the facts from the 'proverbial' horses' mouth before he proceeds.

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