Reader Letter: Norwich Airport growth is good news for Norfolk

Norwich Airport. Photo: Steve Adams

Norwich Airport. Photo: Steve Adams - Credit: Archant

I was delighted to read of the possible expansion of Norwich Airport. I do hope that the amount of annual passengers can be trebled with the possibility of flights to Paris, Dublin and further afield.

MORE: Revealed: Norwich Airport's 30-year vision to treble passenger numbers and forge worldwide linksThe expansion could bring more employment to the area with maybe a 100-acre business park.

I like to travel from my local airport rather than having to trek to London and back, even if I have to pay the £10 development fee.

MORE: £10 Airport Development Fee set to stay at Norwich AirportNorwich is not the cheapest place to fly from but it is most convenient for me.

I have just returned from Exeter to visit my family in Devon and it was cheaper to fly than go by rail. I book online although I admit I need help with this.

MORE: Links with Paris and Dublin could boost worldwide choice for Norwich Airport passengersMy friend wanted to travel to Bulgaria before the school summer holidays and we found a very good deal, all inclusive through Norwich Airports shop.

Keep up the good work Norwich Airport, see you soon.

Jenny Holmwood, Chapel Break, Norwich

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