Reader letter: Bus losses would impact so many

Norwich Bus Station. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Norwich Bus Station. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

I am writing in response to the request as to how I would be affected by the loss of my bus service.

I use the bus at least twice a week to get to and from the doctor, to the hospital, or other healthcare appointments; also to do essential food shopping and to get to and from leisure and social activities.

Surlingham is a village with very few amenities. The current Surlingham to Norwich bus service is already minimal as there are no Sunday or Bank Holiday services. Any cuts to the service would most likely be devastating, as I am a senior citizen with limited mobility and do not drive.

It may well be that some bus users would be prepared to make a contribution towards continuing the service. At the same time there are likely to be many who would not be in a position to do so.Hopefully your campaign to ensure the county council understands the seriousness of the situation for many people who would be isolated if a decision was made to cut services. It need hardly be said that it is not only senior citizens who would be affected.