Reader Letter: Norwich flyover has achieved nothing

Magdalen Street flyover. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Magdalen Street flyover. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

One reader cannot understand why so much money has been spent on the Magdalen Street flyover in Norwich.

After reading the financial details about the last repairs to the Magdalen Road flyover that finished up at more than twice the original estimate, you can only come to the conclusion that for some unknown reason the flyover - that no-one who lives in the district ever wanted - has become a sacred cow for our MP, councillors and unelected people who make the financial decisions.

Ever since this eyesore was built, all it has achieved over the years is the decline of our loved street and cost countless millions of pounds that could - and should - have been spent on Magdalen Street itself and Anglia Square.

Since it was built, it has had to have regular essential maintenance work done on it to stop it falling down. If this is to continue into the future, it would make long-term financial sense to spend money on it now to demolish it and rejoin the street up again.

At a time when we are told every day that we have to have cuts to all our essential public services because there is no money available, there appears to be a bottomless pot of money available for the flyover.

Unlike private industries which would go bust and their employees lose their jobs, the council at times seems to employ people who do not even get a rap on their knuckles, however many mistakes they make. The worst thing that can happen to them is for them to retire early on inflated pensions the majority of us can only dream about.

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