Reader letter: Long Stratton needs a bypass

Long Stratton.

Long Stratton. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

How encouraging it is to see central government have given money to improve the Hempnall crossroad junction on the A140.

We seem to be in an age of disjointed thinking, when South Norfolk Council invest in industrial units as an investment, rather than contribute to infrastructure costs such as the A140.

In 1989 the EDP front page stated that billions was to spent by the then Tory government on dualling the A140, A12, A47 and of course the A11. Then in 1992 the ERM crisis put an end to that. Now in 2017, nearly 30 years later we have the A140 taking three to four times more traffic and SNC are promoting a builder to provide a single carriageway bypass for Long Stratton on the pretence of adding 1,800 homes to the village.

SNC and Norfolk County Council should be providing a dual carriageway road network. NCC has the monetary reserves and they are the custodians of the A140 (in 1989 it was the Highways Agency, who incidentally bought properties to dual and then sold back onto to the open market).

The A140 is a shambles with its traffic flow and we have given so much to the EU to see on the Continent road networks which are second to none.

NCC and SNC need to use reserve cash they hold to get the dualled bypass for Long Stratton which parishioners deserve, not half-way measures.