Reader letter: Loddon bypass is deadly and needs to be fixed

All the road junctions on the Loddon bypass are unsafe. To cross over at “rush hour” can take up to 20 minutes, waiting for a gap in both directions, then your timing has to be up to a Red Arrows pilot’s standard.

It was madness to build this bypass without a roundabout, nearby Bungay, Beccles, Gillingham and Stockton have them.

To make matters worse new houses are being built in the area. We were told one large building site would pay for a roundabout near the doctors, but rumour has it that this will not happen.

READ MORE: Chedgrave councillor campaigns for improvements to A146/Norwich Road junction following fatal collisionA speed limit on the A146 will not help, because when the road is clearer vehicles will travel at 100mph plus except where the cameras are.

Just talk to people who use this road, it’s deadly. I cross this road twice a day.