Reader letter: I’m grateful for our stewards

Hi-viz jackets... they're on the march everywhere, says Steven Downes.

Hi-viz jackets... they're on the march everywhere, says Steven Downes. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I share the regret of your columnist Steven Downes that it has become prudent to search bags brought to public events.

We all have reasons to regret that mankind's behaviour is imperfect. Thus we lock our doors when we go out rather than use our freedom to leave them invitingly open.

I disagree strongly with Steve's criticism of stewards at the Norwich Beer Festival. He knows that this event, where some people may perhaps have a half pint more than they intended, has an exceptionally high standard of good behaviour.

Steve Downes: How dare men in high-viz and camouflage root through my manbag?Almost everyone adapts to the character of the event and it is excellent stewarding that has helped shape that character over 40 years.

He derides those on duty inside the hall as performing unnecessary tasks. On the same evening that Steve was at the festival another visitor had a heart attack. St John's Ambulance workers resuscitated him after his heart had stopped.

Another incident occurred at almost the same time. The response of the stewards throughout this was exemplary. Steve will probably not have noticed anything untoward.

The stewards are all volunteers. Most take a week's holiday to help. Their training and experience has evolved from many years' duty at the festival. I am grateful to them.