Reader Letter: Trump shines beacon of hope

President Donald Trump (Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA)

President Donald Trump (Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA) - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

One reader has thanked President Trump for 'shining a beacon of hope for humanity', do you agree?

In a world where compassion is in short supply and evil in abundance, MPs should not split hairs over their responsibility to uphold the prohibition of chemical weapons, in my opinion. This has been in place since 1925.

The now long gone generation who fought the First World

War subject to gas attacks, would be outraged that Parliament would have to undergo a vote by MPs before our government could take action.

Are some MPs shaping up to refuse to uphold this prohibition on a technicality? They appear unaware that taking a country to full scale war as was done in Iraq by a now disgraced former Labour government and the lost vote to bomb Syria in recent times is a totally different thing.

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President Trump in his wisdom stepped forward with the support of France and Britain in a specific military strike (that is legal and right), on the perpetrator who ignores international norms of behaviour.

I can thank the president for shining a beacon of hope for humanity in the dark place of Syria. Future generations will be thankful for our actions and strong leadership.

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