Reader letter: ‘Out’ isn’t hard to comprehend

A People's Vote march. Photo: Jono Read

A People's Vote march. Photo: Jono Read - Credit: Archant

This reader believes when it comes to leaving the EU out means out.

Ray Philpott (EDP, December 24) asks why there is such a huge amount of resistance for a second referendum and suggests we are afraid of true democracy.

The outcome of no election in the last 100 years or more has been decided purely on facts and how they are presented and I'm pretty sure Leavers and Remainers both had misgivings about the 'facts' bring presented to support their arguments.

If we allow a second vote to take place after the first one was won by the Brexiteers, we open Pandora's box for everyone to demand a second or third bite of any political cherry. We are doomed.

Any election manifesto will contain inaccuracies, exaggerations, lies, and aspirational twaddle and if we follow Mr Philpott's logic we should be entitled to a re-election if any elected government can be shown to have failed on any count.

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The referendum question was in or out. There were no qualifying clauses or 'what ifs' … it was black and white.

The majority democratically voted to leave and just because you weren't on the winning side this time it doesn't mean you have an option to demand another go or even 'best of three'. We are leaving the EU because that is what the majority voted for … out means out! Comprende?

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