Owners of Wisbech home which breached planning rules will have to pay to have it dismantled by West Norfolk council

Enforcement officers dismantling Barielly Lodge in Walsoken. Picture: Ian Burt

Enforcement officers dismantling Barielly Lodge in Walsoken. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

A devastated 72 year-old man slept in his car after watching his dream home be dismantled before his eyes.

Council enforcement officers have now taken down Rodney Wilson's bungalow at Walsoken, near Wisbech, and placed the parts of the structure and its contents into storage.

West Norfolk council said Mr Wilson did not have planning permission to build the park home on his land at broadend Road.

But Mr Wilson and his partner Pamela Wenn say they were not given any notice and were shocked to see the demolition team arrive without any notice yesterday morning. Mr Wilson said Ms Wenn, 70, had spent the night at a friend's house.

'Pam is in not good at all,' he said. 'She hardly slept last night. We are going to the King's Lynn housing department as to see about accommodation today.

'They came and put my things in boxes and I don't know where anything is - I haven't even had a coffee or a wash and shave this morning.

'And I have to pay to have all this took down, and now we are in day two, it will cost around £30,000. They have ripped my conservatory down which is worth £10,000 and it's all damaged.'

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The couple moved to the site nine years ago when it was vacant with a ban on development but they were given permission to build a static caravan.

The couple were then told in February that the home would have to go - because it broke the terms of their planning permission.

However the couple say there were in the appeals process.

A spokesman for West Norfolk council has said: 'Both parts of the mobile park home have been removed from site and placed into storage locally, along with the contents. The owner has four days to arrange for the collection/removal of the stored items.

'In respect of this individual's homelessness claim, we cannot comment until he has presented as homeless at the council and then his case will be assessed in the same way as any other homelessness case, taking all relevant information into account.'