Costessey councillors vote unanimously to turn area into a town - as 121 years of the parish council comes to a close

Places - CAerial view of Costessey which is one of the largest village developments in the country

Places - CAerial view of Costessey which is one of the largest village developments in the country. This view of New Costessey shows Costessey Infant School on Beaumont Road.Dated October 2001Photograph C1077Published in " Eye In The Sky" picture number 117

Thousands of people in Costessey will be waking up in a town tomorrow morning, after councillors voted unanimously to switch from a parish to town council.

The historic decision, which chairman Vivienne Bell described as 'momentous', will signal the end of 121 years of Costessey Parish Council.

But Mrs Bell will not become a mayor - she will remain chairman, with the decision of whether to switch to a mayor to be made by a new council in May.

It is hoped that the change, made at tonight's council meeting, will attract attention, respect - and hopefully cash.

But for those who live in Queen's Hills, Old and New Costessey, the difference the new title will make is unclear, with some fearful that the area will lose its 'village' feel and others frustrated that they were not consulted.

At the meeting Mrs Bell said: 'Costessey is really going forward. A lot of people think of a parish council as lesser, than a town council and this can change the way we are viewed.

'It is a momentous occasion in a lot of respects.'

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Councillor Tim East, who has served on the council for 32 years, said: 'It is important to recognise that we are a huge parish. It will give us a greater identity, greater respect and a greater lobbying power.'

For reaction and more on what the decision means for the area, see tomorrow's paper.

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