Photographers change from wildlife to weddings

They're more used to capturing the exotic life of the Amazon... but now two photographers with very different specialisms have teamed up to preserve magic moments at Norfolk weddings.

Norwich wildlife photographer Jonathan Lewis has joined travel cameraman George Bareham for the new venture, which aims to combine their skills to portray weddings in a candid, documentary style.

The pair met about four years ago when they ran adventure tours and photography workshops together in the Peruvian rainforest.

But after setting up their company, Bareham and Lewis, earlier this year they have already snapped five couples' big days.

Mr Lewis runs his Norfolk Wildlife Photography business from Ketteringham and supplies a monthly photographic feature on the county's animals for the Norwich Evening News.

He said although the change of direction is 'quite a contrast' to his usual subject matter, there were still some parallels between the natural world and the rituals of human matrimony.

'Both of us are used to capturing 'that moment' as it happens, and we've carried that through to the weddings,' he said. 'If you look at wedding photographs hanging in someone's house it is more likely you will see a picture of someone laughing and having a good time rather than a posed group shot. That is what we are aiming to capture.

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'You need the same skills whether you want to capture a moment with people or animals. You cannot ask a fox or a kingfisher to pose for you. You have to make sure they are relaxed and to barely know you are there. It translates into much better photographs, and it is the same with people at a wedding.'

Mr Lewis said the company would generally do no more than six 'posed' shots of guests, preferring instead to spend their time getting candid shots.

'We find that approach attracts a certain type of person, and they have all really loved it,' he said. 'They have said we have captured things they didn't even know had happened on the day. One of us will be with the bride and one will be with the groom for the preparations, so it means the bride can see parts of the day which she would normally have missed.'

Mr Bareham, originally from Yorkshire but now based in Surbiton near London, said: 'I have done a lot of adventure travel tours and spent almost 10 years out of the country – one day in Bangladesh, the next in the Middle East and then in Brazil. It has been an amazing experience.

'I just enjoy taking pictures of people, capturing those moments – and so pooling my skills with Jonathan's seemed a good idea. It is wildly different to what I have been doing, but it is nice to take a step back from being the complete nomad which I had become.

'I will still be doing some of the adventure stuff, but you cannot do it all year round.'

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