Opinion: Why I’m proud to be a flying cheapskate

Flying high: ...and if you 've just worked out you've paid the least for your seat, you'll be smilin

Flying high: ...and if you 've just worked out you've paid the least for your seat, you'll be smiling the whole journey. - Credit: PA

Opinion: Good for you if you get a cheap flight deal, says Sharon Griffiths. And thanks to British Airways, the whole plane will know it.

British Airways are going to make passengers board in order of the amount they paid for their air fare. Cheapest last. Oh the shame of it – seen slinking in not only behind First, Business but even Premium Economy.

Suits me. Have you seen the difference in fares? An economy return to New York is between £300-£400. Premium Economy double that, Business class eight times, and First Class ten times as much.

Yes I'd love the extra space – and have occasionally splurged on posh economy - but there's a limit. Not sure even I could guzzle £3,000 worth of food and drink in mid-air. And I don't rate the free pyjamas.

So being a cheapskate I'll be able to struggle on last of all and look very smug, knowing that everyone else will have paid more than I did, possibly a lot more.

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You're in the same plane, going to the same place. Paying the cheapest fare gives you more money to play with when you get there.

Paying over the odds is never clever. Getting the lowest fare is definitely a badge of honour. Be proud to be last!

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