Norwich City’s new sporting director must start laying foundations for success...NOW

Huddersfield confirm Stuart Webber wants to leave the Terriers after being linked with the new sport

Huddersfield confirm Stuart Webber wants to leave the Terriers after being linked with the new sporting director role at Norwich City. Picture: Huddersfield Examiner - Credit: Huddersfield Examiner

The imminent appointment of Stuart Webber as sporting director has been divisive among fans.

There's the camp who want an old school managerial installed, who will run the club from top to bottom, and those who are happy Norwich have finally recognised the challenges of the modern game and the increasing instability that comes with chopping and changing the man in charge.

The latter side of the argument is the compelling one. Structural change for change's sake in any organisation is frequent when things don't go as planned, but this change of direction seems more considered and altogether sensible.

Recruiting proven football expertise is the order of the day. Webber brings with him an excellent CV for someone so young and has demonstrated an ability to instil an ethos into a club which will maximise return on investment. In short, Huddersfield seem to be the new blueprint for how to succeed in the Championship with finite resources.

However, the jigsaw is not complete and the relationship between Webber and head coach is intrinsically linked to any subsequent upturn in Norwich's fortunes. While the masses are generally happy to wait for an appointment to be made City may be missing a golden opportunity if they rest on their laurels.

Sure, they have to get the right man, but accelerating things and pursuing targets aggressively could be imperative.

As much as five points is a gap Norwich could make up before the season's end. The probability is they won't – the away form is a key indicator of that. The campaign is effectively over and the push for promotion next term should start here and now.

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If City can slot all the relevant personnel into place sooner rather than later the benefits will be reaped down the line.

There have been too many occasions when transfer windows have petered out, without really adding the necessary quality to improve.

By bedding in the new structure in the next couple of weeks the management team would be afforded the opportunity of assessing the current squad and identifying the key gaps which have been alarmingly apparent to most fans throughout the last two years.

This chance should not be missed. Wait too long and Norwich risk throwing away a potential head-start on their rivals, of which there will be many. The hope is Webber must have some names in mind to help impress upon the playing staff the high tempo, all energy game the Terriers have used to maximum effect this term.

Lay the foundations now and 2017/18 could be a season to relish.