Reader letter: Should A47 dualling really be a top priority?

More than 1,700 postcards have been sent calling for the A47 to be fully dualled. Pic: Norfolk Count

More than 1,700 postcards have been sent calling for the A47 to be fully dualled. Pic: Norfolk County Council. - Credit: Norfolk County Council

One of our readers isn't entirely sure the money needed to dual the A47 couldn't be better spent elsewhere.

'I would hope that your campaign to fully dual the A47 has raised a few questions about how to pay for this enterprise.

This also brings to mind some important financial considerations as to the use of our taxes. Is full dualling of this road at the top of voters' priorities?

The very conservative estimate published of £15 billion is just that, a conservative estimate.

READ MORE: Business bosses say A47 full dualling is essential for Norfolk's economyWould it be possible to find this money within the budget limitations placed by Mrs May's government?

The happy faces of Norfolk's Conservative MPs holding up signs backing this spend will meet the harsh reality that in reality all we will get will be local schemes of works.

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Can we vote in a local referendum putting the choice between £1.2 billion on the A47 or improvements to the NHS and social care?

We are often told that government is about choices. That the voice of the voter must be heard.

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I know that the EDP/EN has made its choice to fully support dualling but I am equally sure that you will give those with different priorities a voice as well.'

Sam Morton,

Grove Walk, Norwich.

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