12 fascinating pictures of Norwich in the 1960s and 1970s

Barber and Mace fishmongers in Ber Street. Picture: Tony Skipper

Barber and Mace fishmongers in Ber Street. Picture: Tony Skipper - Credit: Archant

New book takes a nostalgic trip around the city.

he 1960s and 1970s were a time of rapid change in Norwich. And aspiring photographer Tony Skipper captured it all on camera. Then aged in his late teens and early 20s, Tony took a fascinating series of pictures of the city and its characters – from its pubs and the market to fish and chip shops to the football terraces.. And now, half a century on, they’ve been turned into anthology, which has become a best seller at Jarrold.

Tony’s early years were spent living in his grandmother’s terraced house in Belvoir Street, off Earlham Road, which had an outside toilet and no bathroom. He and his parents then moved to a newly-built council house at West Earlham.

As Tony says: “I was trying to cling on to a world that was rapidly changing in front of me. Much no longer existed as areas were being razed in the name of development and there was instances of residents being displaced in the process. Friends and acquaintances were often no longer there and the physical environment seemed to be in upheaval. Photography helped me deal with change and with the disappearance of what I had known and valued.”

Here Tony takes us on a poignant pictorial trip around the city.

Tony Skipper’s Photographs of Norwich 1960s-1970s is published by Creative Project Publishing priced £15.99 and is available at Jarrold, Norwich. jarrold.co.uk

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