A medal just for me is not enough

The girls loved parkrun, but we're hunting a medal awarding family event - not easy with a busy fami

The girls loved parkrun, but we're hunting a medal awarding family event - not easy with a busy family diary. Picture: Sonya Duncan Copyright: Archant 2017 - Credit: Sonya Duncan

I know we're busy but I'm sure we can fit in some running.

I'm trying to persuade the family that now I've run the London Marathon we are actually a running family.

They were supportive of my marathon mission, which in my world means they are pretty interested in running and are just waiting for me to sign them up for running something themselves.

I discover there's masses to do on the running calendar. The girls did Parkrun a couple of years ago for several months. The Junior 2k was almost perfect; ideal for Keola who would fly round, and run back and meet Thalia and I.

Thalia didn't see the point of just a run. She stopped, a lot, to practice handstands, look in puddles, pick up sticks, ladybirds, feathers and stones and insisted on going back if we dropped anything. There would then be tears when we were last – we were mostly last - but she couldn't understand that turning Parkrun into a nature trail meant that everyone running, or even walking, would overtake us. She definitely didn't understand that being last didn't matter.

But I want more than Parkrun, which, being free has no medals and we do like medals. I hunt for family running events with finishers' medals.

There is Hethersett Run the Square on July 8, which sounds perfect, but that's Drum Camp weekend near Bungay, we've tickets, the girls are excited about it and even I have to admit we can't easily do both.

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I do find more running events, especially for adults – the Dereham Great War Centenary 5k looks particularly good. The family Suffolk Trail Running Festival between Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury on June 16 with running, camping and music would be ideal but it clashes with the gym club ball.

We end up with the Bournemouth Marathon Festival. I'd spotted its very beautiful medals at the London Marathon Expo where it had a stand so I was already quite enthused. It is absolutely ideal with races on the Saturday for children, a half and full marathon on the Sunday – when number one daughter Sunny can be cheer squad with the girls – and there's even a 5k family evening run, with glow sticks and lights, on the Saturday evening that we can all do.

Rob says yes, Keola's happy and starts devising her training plan, Thalia disappears to choose her running outfit and even Sunny, still in Canada and not a great running enthusiast, says yes to the 5k.

'I can train a bit with Keola,' she says.

I knew we were a running family. I am so happy!

I'm not telling Sunny that Keola has scheduled five runs a week - one of them is the 9am Sunday Parkrun - and will expect her to keep up.