I remember the joy of the British bucket-and-spade holiday. Do you?

The British holiday might enjoy a renaissance. As we have seen with home delivery, fashions do come

The British holiday might enjoy a renaissance. As we have seen with home delivery, fashions do come back. Picture: ROD EDWARDS/British Tourist Authority - Credit: britainonview/ Rod Edwards

Do you know, dear readers, I can remember the old milk bottles. I mean the ones with a more slim-lined neck which were around before about 1980. I can remember the foil tops being almost always pecked about by little birds as well.

These days it's all supermarket cartons and plastic, and hardly anyone gets milk delivered in glass bottles, though my mother is among those who still manages it.

Of course, it's fashionable again to have things delivered, isn't it?

These days I often do a bit of online shopping, and for a man my size it's sometimes the only option, clothes-wise, because I may as well pay the delivery charge as the parking.

Recent news that the conventional internal combustion engine is to be banned from new cars by 2040 is, I suppose, just another sign of change, and possibly one Saudi Arabia and the other oil producers won't be too chuffed about.

But one day (and 23 years will fly by) I shall be able to say I remember the old combustion engine, just as I reach retirement and start fancying a throaty Maserati.

Anyway, while I'm sure this decision to say goodbye to petrol and diesel is well meaning and ticks a few environmental boxes, it does seem a bit strange.

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There are few plans, so far, to reduce air travel or re-open local railway lines – both of which would, surely, have a significant and beneficial environmental impact as well.

Or maybe we are going to ban the jet engine in favour of plugging in an aeroplane, but we just don't know about it yet.

I think, if we are honest with ourselves, we all like being able to pop to Prague or dash to the Dodecanese on our holidays, whatever the environmental cost.

Having said all that, I note, as I make my way around our region, that Norfolk and Suffolk isn't all about farming and fields. Our region is also coastal.

The sea is a huge attraction and our coastline is extensive.

There are some great holiday destinations ? from Felixstowe to Hunstanton, from Sheringham to Great Yarmouth ? all of which suffered at the expense of the rise of the package holiday abroad, but all of which have survived.

I wonder, and it is only speculation, if our coastal towns have yet to have their real glory days.

As the environmental concerns increase and gain traction, it may be that jumping on a plane for a week or two away may become the preserve of the very rich or as socially unacceptable as driving with 10 gin and tonics inside you. Who knows?

The British holiday might enjoy a renaissance. As we have seen with home delivery, fashions do come back.

Part of me rather hopes that Norfolk and Suffolk may yet experience its day in the sun as a holiday hot spot – there's no reason why it shouldn't, is there? Indeed, holidaymakers never completely disappeared, anyway.

In the meantime, our love affair with jetting off abroad doesn't seem to be coming to an end any time soon.

As well as the old milk bottles, I remember the joy and excitement of the British beach bucket-and-spade holiday. I hope children of the future have similar memories, whatever sort of car they end up driving.