April: This month in North Lodge Park history

1932 - Electrically lighting the putting green was agreed at a cost of £29 7s plus £15 for poles.

1934 - The council decided to retain the Rocket House site which had been offered to them, and opened to the public after development the following Easter.

1935 - Repairs to the Rocket House Shelter were in progress, the top level of the site was being laid out in flower beds, alterations to the steps were being made, and final designs were approved for the tea rooms and shops at the foot of the Rocket House site.

1938 - Phrenologist ‘Alexine’ looking for “sites available for his purpose” was offered a bathing hut on the Rocket House site with access from the Gangway for the season.

1948 - Cromer Advertising Association rented the thatched kiosk as an information bureau at £1 a week. New Blue Danube Café tenants were Messrs K C Theoharides and C Leonidas for £125 a year (plus rates).

1960 - ‘Bona fide’ OAPs were to be given free putting (and pier entrance) up to the end of May and after the second week of September.

1970 - Toys and equipment selected for the new Children’s Corner included two three-bay children’s swings, a special see-saw, a number of wheeled toys, and a £10 hut to store the toys and equipment.