From seaside rock to pick 'n' mix: Remembering old sweet shops in Norfolk

Children buying confectionery at the cinema in Norwich pic taken 11th july 1970 m14342-16

Children buying confectionery at the cinema in Norwich. Dated: July 11, 1970. - Credit: Archant Library

Certain tastes and smells have a way of transporting us back in time.

The chocolatey aroma wafting from the Caley's factory in Norwich. Sugary seaside rock from Docwra's on trips to Great Yarmouth beach. The dazzling array of colours in the Woolworths confectionery section before going to the cinema. 

Schoolboys buying sweets in Smith's sweet shop in Wisbech

Schoolboys part with some of their pocket money for a few sweets from Smith's sweet shop in Wisbech. Dated: 1950s. - Credit: Archant Library

For those of us with a sweet tooth growing up in Norfolk, we will remember trips to our nearest local sweet shops with great fondness.

Some may have closed and certain sweets might no longer be on the shelves. 

Shoppers in the Woolworths in Wymondham

Customers looking at Christmas confectionery at Woolworths in Wymondham. Dated: December 3, 1981. - Credit: Archant Library

But it is hard not to feel a twinge of nostalgia for the happy memories wrapped up in these places.

Please enjoy these old photos of sweet shops in Norfolk from our archives.

Sweet stand in Arnolds in Great Yarmouth

The Elizabeth Shaw stand in the Arnolds department store at Great Yarmouth. Date: circa 1960s. - Credit: Archant Library

Michael Howard at Woolworths in Norwich in 1990

Michael Howard, then employment secretary and later the leader of the Conservative party, and Woolworths Managing Director Mair Barnes, complete a Union Jack of sweets in the Better Made in Britain challenge at the new Woolworth store in Norwich. Dated: May 23, 1990. - Credit: Archant Library

Horse and cart outside chocolate shop in Norwich

A horse and cart belonging to S Nichols, general dealer and carter, stands outside the chocolate shop on the corner of Silver Road, Norwich. Date: circa 1920s. - Credit: Archant Library

13ft stick of rock in Great Yarmouth

A 13ft stick of Yarmouth rock being loaded on to a vehicle outside H.M. Docwra's Candy House, where it was made, on Great Yarmouth seafront. It was one of the star attractions at the Continental Fayre, being held at Strumpshaw Hall the next day. Dated: July 31, 1971. - Credit: Archant Library

Packing sweets at Mackintosh factory in Norwich in 1959

Packing sweets at the Mackintosh factory in Norwich. Dated: May 1959. - Credit: Archant Library

Docwra's rock shop at Great Yarmouth in 1966

Docwra's rock shop at Great Yarmouth. Dated: 1966. - Credit: Archant Library

Where did you buy sweets in Norfolk and what did you choose? Let us know in the comments below.