Snowy Norfolk scenes from days gone by

People enjoying the snow on the nursery slopes on St James'sHill. Norwich with Brittannia Barracks i

People enjoying the snow on the nursery slopes on St James's Hill, Norwich with Brittannia Barracks in the background. Date: January 11, 1987. - Credit: Archant Library

Over the weekend we woke up to a blanket of snow outside our windows here in Norfolk.

It may have been fleeting but many of us will have seized the chance to venture out locally and make the most of it.

Ice Skating on Hickling Broad 1954

Laughing merrily while ice-skating on Hickling Broad. Date: December 1954. - Credit: Archant Library

Perhaps as we felt the crunch under our boots or the nip of Jack Frost on our face, we reminisced on bygone years when it seemed like the snow visited more often and lasted longer when it did.

Sledging at the UEA in Norwich

Off on their sledges down the hill in the UEA park. Date: January 1987. - Credit: Archant Library

There was sledging down our favourite hills and slinging snowballs at our friends.

Wintry walks with our loved ones through familiar areas transformed by the freshly fallen snow.

Fond memories of getting back home, stomping our feet and stepping into the warm for a hot chocolate to shake off the chill.    

Ice skating on Hickling Broad in the 1950s

Winter ice skating on Hickling Broad. Date: 1950s. - Credit: Archant Library

Scouts camping in the snow at How Hill

Igloos would have been more appropriate for these snowbound scouts who set up their weekend camp in the grounds of How Hill, Ludham. Date: January 12, 1987. - Credit: Archant Library

Please enjoy these old photos from our archives of snowy days over the years. Where are your favourite spots to enjoy the snow in Norfolk? 

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Sledging on St James Hill in Norwich

St. James Hill on Mousehold became a snow playground, and with Norwich spread out below covered in snow it became a winter sports resort. Date: February 10, 1978. - Credit: Archant Library

Snow at Wroxham Broad

Snow at Wroxham Broad. Date: January 17, 1963. - Credit: Archant Library

Polar bear made of snow near King's Lynn

Sharon Norgate shows her daughter Chelsea the polar bear made of snow outside their King's Lynn home. Date: March 1993. - Credit: Archant Library

Elm Hill in the snow in Norwich

A snowy scene at Elm Hill in Norwich. - Credit: Archant Library

Ski-ing in snow on Mousehold Heath

Ski-ing in the snow on Mousehold Heath at St James's Hill in Norwich. Date: 1964. - Credit: Archant Library

An aerial view of Norwich Cathedral in the snow

An aerial view of Norwich Cathedral in the snow. Date: December 31, 1996. - Credit: Archant Library

Policemen in the snow, 1987. Picture: Archant Library

Policemen in the snow. Date: 1987. - Credit: Archant Library

Sledging in the snow in Beccles

Sledging in the snow in Beccles. Date: February 1991. - Credit: Archant Library

School children abandon their bus in Thunder Lane, Thorpe due to snow

School children abandon their bus in Thunder Lane, Thorpe, to give this motorist a helping hand. Date: February 4, 1963. - Credit: Archant Library