Do you know these people? Woman looks to return photo albums to Norfolk family

Photos belonging to family of Alice Embling

Photos belonging to family of Alice Embling - Credit: Archant

A woman is looking to return historic photo albums to a Norfolk family.

Current owner, Christine Hammond, 71, feels they should be returned to a member of Alice Embling's family.

Alice was the daughter of James Embling and Mary Ann Robinson, born March 9, 1872 in Magdalen.

Alice, died in 1963, and the photos were passed to daughter Mary Irene Hammond, better known as Rene, who later died in 2005, aged 97.

Christine, from Birmingham, visited Harpley, near King's Lynn in 2004, with late husband Mike to research his family tree. They were directed to Rene, who was Mike's second cousin twice removed.

Despite knowing Rene only from their 30 minute chat in 2004, a year later Christine and Mike helped pay and organise for Rene's funeral, after she died in Heacham on February 25.

They gave Rene the funeral she always wanted, with a burial next to parents Alice Embling and Willy Hammond.

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Christine said: 'We took several photos, documents and letters which were destined for the trash, so we could continue our family research.

'Rene had no siblings, never married, her young man never returned from the First World War.

'I am quite convinced the people in the photos are related to her mother Alice Embling, and I want to make sure the photos get into the right hands.'

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