Add details and photos to our online database of the 25,000 men from Norfolk and Suffolk who died in the First World War


- Credit: Archant

The EDP today launches a new website which lists the region's First World War dead and allows readers to leave personal tributes to the fallen.

The interactive site features a page for each of the 25,000 men from Norfolk and Suffolk recorded as having died during the conflict.

Readers are able to add biographical details about every individual, as well as photographs, and can also post tributes to their page.

This will allow readers to leave stories about their loved ones and neighbours.

It is the first time such a database has been assembled online and the project forms a major part of the EDP's ongoing coverage of the centenary of the conflict.

Editor Nigel Pickover said: 'Our website is part of our commitment to enduring remembrance of those who left our region never to return.

'In print we have printed amazing supplements, online we are creating a permanent record so people from our treasured part of the world can remember the lost ones for ever more. Through all this we are trying to capture the first, full, electronic record of those who lost their lives. My team is committed to the project and is leading it from the heart as well as the head.'

Log on to to leave your tribute to the fallen.