Fun factor is missing for Pastor Maldonado – so who or what’s next?

The sight of a Williams chasing a Lotus or any car for that matter has been all too common this ye

The sight of a Williams chasing a Lotus or any car for that matter has been all too common this year. - Credit: Archant

It appears it may not just be Formula One fans who are struggling for motivation or inspiration as the 2013 season comes to an end. Pastor Maldonado has conceded he's having a similar issue as he trails around at the back for the pack.

From numerous stories of how Williams' stock had fallen to shockingly bad levels a couple of seasons ago, the Grove outfit's malaise this year has had something arguably worse – unopposed acceptance.

And when you have so many drivers – both inside and outside the F1 paddock – apparently scrapping for a 2014 seat, Pastor's latest views are quite refreshing.

Whether they are also a sign of what's to come, time will tell.

'I really need a good car to enjoy it, and this year I'm not enjoying it,' Maldonado told Autosport.

'I'm living a really bad moment and I need some motivation to keep doing my best. I want something more. I'm here for something more.

'I don't want to just be in Formula One, to be honest. It's better to stay at home, if it's like that.

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'I don't care about being a Formula One driver. I'm here to win and I need to do whatever it takes to be there.'

Hungary back in July represents the Venezuelan's – and Williams' –only point this season. And whether the 2014 rule changes will help shake-up the fortunes of what is in many ways a real old school works team that is still relatively short of money is a big issue.

But like all drivers, Pastor only doubts the car – not his own ability.

'I'm looking forward to having a better car next year, I need it,' he added. 'I showed that every time I had a good car I've been fighting for victories and championships. It's very disappointing to see myself here (in Korea) fighting for Q2.

'I'm not here to fight with (team-mate Valtteri) Bottas. He's a good driver but he is not my objective. I want to fight with the big people here. At Barcelona (in 2012) when I had the chance to fight for a race I won that race, so I've been 100pc ready to win.'

Of course, what Maldonado wants is what everyone wants.

Felipe Massa is scrapping for a seat after losing his place at Ferrari from next season, while Nico Hulkenberg still seems destined for the vacancy opened by Kimi Raikkonen at Lotus.

Are Williams really going to be troubling the likes of Force India and Sauber to a greater extent next year? Or would any of them fancy offering a seat to Maldonado?

Perhaps more pertinently, could Williams afford not to have the accompanying financial backing of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA as they go forward – or at least try to?

And that's without mentioning the GP2 field that will finish their season with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and those further afield.

All in all, Pastor may need to be careful what he wishes for.