From zombie attacks to exploding mobile phones: Valentine’s Day horror stories from our readers

Zombies from PrimEVIL at The Dinosaur Adventure Park.

Zombies from PrimEVIL at The Dinosaur Adventure Park. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: � ARCHANT NORFOLK PHOTOGRAPHIC

No matter how you're spending Valentine's Day, or who you're spending it with, chances are your evening won't be worse than these unluckly lot. From zombie attacks to exploding phones, our readers have shared some of their dating disasters:

• He seemed perfectly normal...

'I once went on a date with a guy I'd met in a bar who seemed perfectly normal, 10 minutes into the chat about his protein shakes I soon decided I wasn't interested – not that this stopped him insisting on comparing our hand sizes and talking about how much he could lift. This conversation was still more appropriate first date chat than when he went onto tell me about his tattoos – including his prison tattoos, which he'd recently been released from. He also had his ex-fiance's name tattooed on his arm, but that was okay, because apparently his sister was called Lucy as well...

'After ghosting him (suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication) I started getting constant mad phone-calls and messages from him until I blocked his number. I'm still a bit scared I'm going to bump into him in the city one day!' - Zoe, 22, Norwich

• High demand!

'I had a girlfriend once. She was what could be classed as 'high maintenance' and 'a bit demanding'.

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'Having failed the previous Valentine's Day after having large and expensive flowers delivered to her flat, I thought I had cracked it by having some equally large and equally expensive flowers delivered to her workplace - as apparently half the point of sending flowers is to develop extreme and uncontrollable jealousy from your shallow work-mates.

'The flowers arrived and were delivered in a large box, but all it generated was a long and rather ominous bout of radio silence.

'Later that evening at her flat I got 'both barrels' for having a bouquet delivered in a box, rather than by hand from a florist - and also for being 'cheap' and buying other subsequent presents on a store card.

'After a heated discussion, she decided to throw a mobile phone at me. Thanks to my lightning quick reactions I was able to duck, and the afore mentioned mobile exploded into a thousand bits on the wall behind me. Which was also my fault. Obviously.

'You will be surprised to hear we are no longer together, and I am happily married to a lovely lady who isn't as mad as a box of otters.' - Anonymous, Norfolk

• A night to remember

'My 'horror' Valentine's Day story is slightly different to what you would expect. When we were engaged, my now-husband once planned a surprise romantic night-in with a twist.

'We've always had a mutual love of zombie films so one evening after work Ben decided to recreate that experience. When I arrived home he had scary music playing loudly and I had to follow a number of clues around the house to find him.

'He left me loads of wonderful presents around our home and I eventually managed to 'save' him from the zombies who had broken into our house. As oddly thoughtful as it was, I'm not going to lie, I was terrified! It will be a Valentine's Day I will never forget though!' - Donna, 31, Cawston

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