Brexit makes me wonder - who actually runs Britain?

The lingering Brexit wrangle which has divided the country has thrown up the question of who is actu

The lingering Brexit wrangle which has divided the country has thrown up the question of who is actually in charge - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

James Marston says the one big question that has been thrown up by the whole Brexit shambles is who is actually running the country

It's quite clear to me that in all this Brexit business the underlying question is not whether we stay in or leave or how we leave the EU but more simply; who rules Britain – us or them?

The electorate or the ruling elite? Do they serve us or we serve them? Must parliament reflect the will of the people or not?

I tend to think that a second referendum which includes the option to stay in the EU would be a highly dangerous move. It would be one that undermines our political system, one that exposes an ancient tension between the people and those who govern and result with a complete loss of confidence in our democracy. No wonder no serious politician wants it.

A second referendum would not be a solution to a crisis but the instigation of one even more serious – if the people who voted to leave are not listened to, if democracy doesn't apply to them, there will be trouble.

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Let us not forget both of our main political parties stood for election just a short while ago on the proviso that Brexit would not be stopped – the time has come for Britain to make its mind up – its either deal or no deal, and we want it sorted.

The irony is that either way not much will change in the short term, nor will a soft Irish border compromise the integrity of the EU – don't believe that rubbish.

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It is true that Britain has learnt much about itself and its neighbours over the last 18 months.

These are some observations:

n The nation state is here to stay.

n Britain has never been an enthusiastic member of the EU

n It's not sensible to say you have 'red lines' before you negotiate anything -The Conservative party are populated by some over-entitled idiots who shouldn't be anywhere near parliament.

n A Corbyn government would be far more dangerous to jobs, security, and trade, than no deal.

n The EU is not our friend or partner, nor are its officials – the sooner we realise this the better.

n Our leaders have lost sight of the huge opportunities that Brexit can bring -No one else wants to be Prime Minister -Mrs May is far more popular than her party thinks - British people like the bulldog spirit.

n We actually have got a fairly decent deal on the table It is time our parliament grew up and served our interests not its own.

James' Mailbag – Driver patience, or lack of

It appears I'm not alone in thinking people lack manners and patience when it comes to driving round these parts. Thanks to all who dropped me an email.

Morning James.

You will find that others will loose all patience and respect for you when you get older and perhaps become slower and a trifle clumsy.

I am 77 and recovering from a serious illness. No allowance is now made for those who are unfortunate enough to find themselves infirm. I never envisaged that elbows would become the weapon of choice against a fellow shopper, but believe me they are.


Dear James,

Well said! I've also experienced several similar events myself – often when joining the freeway. The interstate freeway from Norwich to Dereham. Beep beep parp parp. It's very distracting.

I don't think it's lack of patience - it's just bad manners. Part of a bigger societal issue.


Chris Wilson



Yes I agree with you, women cannot be ladies even if they drive 4x4's if they use that language!

I agree with you common sense patience is a thing of the past Joy Boldero Thurning,

Dear James

Some weeks ago the main road from our village to Loddon was closed necessitating a journey along a narrow single track route. Returning from Loddon, having just passed a 'pulling in place' I met another vehicle coming towards me, it having passed two 'pulling in places'. We stopped and the male driver leapt out of his seat and subjected me to a violent verbal tirade with the 'F' word being used continuously; his wife then jumped out and commented in a similar vein on my 'advancing years'. I didn't feel physically threatened but there was absolutely no excuse for that sort of behaviour. To avoid any escalation I reversed and we both went on our ways.


Michael Johnson

Hello James

I was intrigued by your article about driving. I am coming across more and more anger and thoughtlessness on the roads.

I consider myself to be a considerate driver, only to find that I am constantly being cut up, blocked, or downright ignored by some other road users – namely Audi drivers!

Also thirty something females driving 4x4's or some other large people carriers, blatantly depositing their vehicle in a car park space big enough for two.

What on earth is wrong with people nowadays?

Few people appear to have time to breathe, and as for signalling – that has almost disappeared completely.

I never know where anyone is going anymore – all guesswork and fingers crossed that I have judged correctly.

I should count my blessings that I am still here to write to you.

Best wishes

Dawn Williment

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