Back from my American adventure

If you are planning a wedding too you will understand that you don't have time to think let alone find five minutes to update a diary!

Well, it's been a few weeks so I thought I would update the ol' diary. If you are planning a wedding too you will understand that you don't have time to think let alone find five minutes to update a diary!

We have just come back from a two-week holiday in Florida, which was fab (even though I did mention the wedding a couple of times, and was informed by him-to-be that “it's a holiday Janice! No mention of the wedding or we are going home!” Yeah right, I am sure that another mention of the big day would actually make him go to the airport, pay extra for a ticket and fly 4500 miles back home. I think there was a little exaggeration on his behalf!)

But, I did go to Bloomingdales (ooooo, I felt like I was Rachel in Friends saying that!) to get my perfume. I have bought Beautiful Sheer by Estee Lauder. It was $62 plus tax for 75mls, which in our terms works out at £32 - and you pay £30 for a 30ml bottle here. Plus I got a free gift! So that's another thing sorted. Mind you, what was funny was the sales consultant didn't understand my Suffolk/Norfolk (yes strange I know) accent and thought I was buying it for Steve to wear! His little face was a picture when I explained to him what was going on.

The Cambridge diet will start again Sunday, but I am pleased to announce that in five weeks of eating normal food, and two weeks of American-sized portions, 50 gallons of fat coke, and sugar in and on everything, Hershey's, peanut butter M&M's and ice cream galore, I have only gained 3lbs, which I am over the moon with.

Also, I have an appointment with Michelle from Funky Fresh Flowers to sort out those. With less than four months to go, I am feeling excited and worried all at the same time. I keep dreaming I have missed the whole thing.

Oh, and I have seen a lovely pair of ivory shoes in Next, think I might pop out at lunchtime and have another look. Although I have spent out already this week for an outfit for Tara's wedding on Saturday. So, here's to Tara and Wayne for your wedding Saturday, I hope all goes well.

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Getting ear ache from the family to get the suits sorted out. There are just not enough hours in the weekend to get everything done, have a rest and go out and enjoy ourselves (like we have the energy for that)

To do: Shoes, Lingerie, Gifts for attendants and mother's of bride/groom, Suits, Flowers (almost done), Order of service, Send out invites, Sort out meals for the day, Honeymoon (Florida again I think)

Things done: Church booked, Reception and wedding breakfast, Car, Dress, Bridesmaid dress and best woman dress, Jewellery, Hair (all 3 of us), Makeup (all 3 of us), Video, Photographer, Cake, Wedding list at John Lewis (just in case anyone wants to give us anything! Hint hint!), Date for hen night, Invites for hen night

OMG - the list goes on! Whoever invented a wedding planner deserves a medal, and why oh why did I not opt for that!

See y'all soon!