Reader letter: Anglia Square plan creates conflict among road users

A CGI image showing what Anglia Square could look like at night. Picture: Weston Homes

A CGI image showing what Anglia Square could look like at night. Picture: Weston Homes - Credit: Weston Homes

One reader believes the proposed plan for the roads around Anglia Square create a conflict between cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

At last. Positive action in moving forward in the long overdue redevelopment of Anglia Square. An opportunity to pull the area up by its bootstraps and welcome it into the feel good mood of the rest of the city, leaving behind the unloved 1970s memorial excluded from the upturn and investment in other areas, its separation and exclusion clearly marked by the inner link road and the foreboding concrete barrier of Magdalen Street flyover.

So now the developers have the green light, the ugly surface car park and derelict scrubland under the flyover can be refurbished and repurposed to provide a welcoming spacious pedestrian and cyclist route to the square from the city along the main connecting thoroughfare? Separating walking tourists and commuting cyclists from the always busy four lane highway above.

No? Between the developers and the county council, they decide it would be far better to move up the road a hundred yards of so and fill in an underpass which separates vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists from an already congested road and dysfunctional roundabout and put in a surface crossing which will present drivers moving from Barn Road to Barrack Street with three opportunities to block the flow on the roundabout within around 50 meters. All this to connect a residential area of low footfall to an area of no purpose or interest. (All the shops and businesses are on Magdalen Street.)

Has this option been approved simply because it was the cheapest? Because it certainly doesn't address any of the concerns of any group of people trying to move about in the area and actually creates a conflict between road users, cyclists and pedestrians where one hasn't existed before?

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If I were a betting man, I would put money on that this is the same planning team who were responsible for the Avenues cycle path debacle, where there is also conflict between road users where there previously wasn't any? What about the NDR too? Now known nationally as the country's only dual carriageway cul-de-sac?

Whatever did we do to deserve these dullards in charge of our transportation network?

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