We need action not words over A47 work

The busy A47 Draytonhall Lane junction at Dereham is particularly dangerous . Picture Graham Corney.

The busy A47 Draytonhall Lane junction at Dereham is particularly dangerous . Picture Graham Corney. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press, Archant.

Another week and another tragedy on the A47.

My heart goes out to the loved ones of the passenger in the lorry who died in the crash at Scarning last week.

It was the fourth fatality on that stretch of the road in four months.

That is an appalling statistic and one which is making local people more and more concerned and angry.

I live fairly close to that section of one of the busiest roads in our county.

We have become all too used to hearing the sound of sirens rushing to another crash on the single carriageway section.

Each time a collision happens and there's a death or serious injury, another family is torn apart.

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For years and years a campaign has been running to get the remaining sections of the A47 dualled.

Successive governments - of all colours - have refused to give the priority which is needed and the necessary funding to get the work done.

This week we have again heard strong words that action is needed.

Tomorrow night, a seven-week project starts between Swaffham and Dereham on work such as repairing the road surface, cut down some vegetation and re-painting lines.

The whole work is costing £2.2m.

There's no doubt the improvements are welcome, especially as there are some pretty rough parts of the carriageway.

However, this is papering over the real cracks and what we need is a proper scheme to dual the road.

Highways England this week said statistically the road is not as dangerous as it was.

I dispute those figures and believe stronger than ever that we need a united force in our region to shout at the powers that be in Whitehall and Westminster to take decisive action.

Of course motorists have to take responsibility and there is no doubt that a lot of crashes are caused by poor driving.

But if you have any doubt about how dangerous the road is at Scarning, try to pull out on to the A47 from Draytonhall Lane or Fen Road.

You really do have to take your life in your hands - and none of us should have to do that.