Visitors to The Walks may have seen some spiky additions to the park as a French artist has created a new installation commemorating King's Lynn's maritime past.

Artist Nicolas Fenouillat has been working on Axis Mundi UK as part of the artist exchange with French city Amiens.

The Lynn artwork is a larger version of an installation in Amiens by the same artist and is a further link between the two towns.

Mr Fenouillat said: 'The work is called Axis Muni which means axis of the Earth. It symbolises when the people of the Earth try to touch the sky, to touch God, the drumsticks are trying to reach God.

'I wanted to change the vision of the park.

'I had a really great time in Lynn, I didn't know of it before but I liked what I saw.

'When we were working people were very curious and asked us about our work, they were very nice.'

The work consists of five tree trunks sharpened to spikes in a line from East to West, enabling the installation to be viewed differently dependent on the sunlight and the time of day.

There are two links between the installation and King's Lynn. The first is the work's resemblance to masts reflecting the town's maritime history. The second is a musical one, paying homage to the Queen drummer Roger Taylor who was born and went to school in the town.

The five points have been sculpted to form fine drumsticks and the installation is positioned next to the bandstand.

The installation is part of the Arts, Cities and Landscapes, Cross Channel Project which aims to bring long term enhancements to both Amiens and Lynn through a cultural exchange.

Elizabeth Nockolds, West Norfolk's cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: 'We are very excited by the installations that the French artists have created. Their work has a very different feel to it, and it has been a pleasure working with them.

'English artists and landscape designers are creating installations in Amiens and we look forward to seeing how they are coming on too.'

Earlier in the month Thomas Martin and Jeremy Delmare were in The Walks planting trees for their living structure, a Red-Mount-shaped sculpture with a living bridge.

Further projects will be installed before June 21, including a sculpture in the Inner Purfleet and a landscape installation on the Baker Lane car park.