While the blistering heat of summer has seemed a very distant memory over the past few weeks, we have dug-out these wonderful old photos of some of Norfolk's swimming pools.

The pool at Gorleston opened in 1939 with 2,000 people flocking to the Floral Hall for the opening ceremony which featured a swimming exhibition by The Johnson Girls and a diving demonstration from the local Lads' Club.

Lined with green tiling, the 150ft by 48ft pool boasted heated sea water, five diving boards and floodlit bathing at night.

Rambling roses covered the changing cubicles and colourful flower beds surrounded the pool, which fell into disuse in the late 1980s and was bulldozed away in 1993.

On a hot sunny day in Norwich, there was only one place to be: the Costa del Lakenham which closed just over 20 years ago when the plug was pulled on decades of open-air swimming.

The original 80-yard pool was built in 1908 when part of the River Yare was sealed off.

By the 1920s, swimming galas were held there, which attracted swimmers from across the region.

By the end of the 1992 season, after 12 sun-soaked weeks, the pool welcomed its last visitors: the necessary improvements to keep the Lido safe would have cost £100,000 and, with no funds forthcoming, the pool closed.

In Great Yarmouth, the Marina Centre covers what was the town's outdoor sea water pool which opened in 1922 – a massive 300ft by 75ft, it included 100 dressing boxes and seating accommodation for 1,000 spectators, while in King's Lynn, an open-air pool used to attract swimmers at The Walks.

There were also pools at Earlham Park in Norwich, Pakefield and Diss, but sadly, funds drained away and the lidos that once delighted thousands of water worshippers are no longer.

The well known Splash pool in Sheringham is still open today and now forms part of the Leisure & Fitness centre.

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