This reader argues the Norwich Distributor Road (NDR) has not solved any of Norfolk's traffic problems.

Two cycling trips to north Norfolk gave me experience of the impact of the Norwich Distributor Road (NDR).

They both relate to the B1149 being blocked off from the roundabout with the A140 just north of Hellesdon.

On the first occasion I decided to see if it was still possible to cycle through. It is with the cycle paths but what a clumsy time-consuming process it is. It still involves traversing heavy traffic so I doubt it much helps those less confident.

MORE: NDR £175,000 bat bridges 'not working', report findOn the second occasion, I used the new link road from the B1149, just south of Horsford, to Reepham Road. I accept Reepham Road has always been pretty busy but it now seems very considerably busier.

Thus it proves one of the points about building new roads, ie they tend to just transfer the problem somewhere else. I am not making the point particularly from a cycling perspective but with regard all road users and most of all for Reepham Road residents.

That said, I suspect Aylsham Road residents would claim they have not noticed any traffic reduction.

Precisely: building more roads creates more traffic and congestion.

If the argument is the NDR made it necessary to block off the B1149 it is yet another argument against it.