Whether you're moving into a new house or refreshing your existing décor, choosing flooring requires some careful consideration. After all, it’s not just about picking a covering that looks good – you'll also need to think about its practicality and of course, your budget.

“The flooring you choose will largely depend on the room you are fitting it in, as well as your lifestyle – for example, having children or pets can influence what material you need,” says Neil Hubbard, flooring manager at Norfolk department store, Aldiss.

Here, Neil shares his top flooring choices for each room of the home and explains how the team at Aldiss can help you make the right choice.

What carpets are best for bedrooms and living rooms?

%image(14391099, type="article-full", alt="Wool loop pile carpets, or berber carpets, are suitable for most areas and complement both traditional and modern interiors")

Soft, cosy and sound-proof, carpet is a timeless choice for bedrooms and living rooms. But with so many varieties available, it can be difficult to know which is the best option.

Thinking about how the room is used can help you to make a decision with carpeting, as Neil explains: “Deep pile carpets made from synthetic materials such as polypropylene are a popular choice for bedrooms where you want something comforting and luxurious underfoot.

"For areas where there's more activity, such as the living room, buy carpet that has a mix of wool and synthetic fibres as this tends to keep its appearance for a longer period of time."

Carpets made from 100 per cent natural materials are also a popular choice. “Wool loop pile carpets, or berber carpets, are very on-trend right now,” says Neil. "They're suitable for most areas and complement both traditional and modern interiors."

What durable flooring options are there for kitchens and bathrooms?

%image(14446370, type="article-full", alt=""Today’s vinyls are stylish, practical and require very little maintenance," says Neil.")

When it comes to rooms that endure moisture, stains and spills, you'll need to invest in hardwearing flooring that is resistant to everyday wear and tear. “Vinyl is a good budget-friendly choice for bathrooms and kitchens,” says Neil. “Today's vinyl is stylish, practical and requires very little maintenance."

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are a great alternative to solid wood and stone and feature a protective layer for added durability. Aldiss offer a wide range of LVT flooring, including the best-selling Amtico and Moduleo brands which come in various designs and finishes.

“The realistic texture gives the covering an authentic appearance, whether you opt for a rustic natural wood or a contemporary ceramic look,” says Neil. “LVT is also easy to clean, which makes it an appealing choice for families and households with pets,” he adds.

What flooring is suitable for heavy-use spaces like the hallway and stairs?

For hallways, stairs and other areas of high traffic, Neil recommends choosing a heavyweight, twist pile carpet. “Look for something that will stand the test of time, such as our Primo Grande range – these carpets are great value for money and have a modern look. If you live in a traditional property, our Axminster style patterned carpets look great in hallways and as stair runners with rods.”

LVT also works well in hallways, especially patterned tile flooring. “You can recreate the look of traditional Victorian tiles with our Amtico range – choose from different laying patterns and experiment with different colours and combinations to create an eye-catching and unique floor,” suggests Neil. He also recommends adding a ‘Hug Rug’ as a doormat or runner, as they help to absorb moisture and dirt and are machine washable.

How can Aldiss help with my flooring choices?

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The sales team at Aldiss can offer expert advice on flooring and will guide you through the huge selection of coverings on offer. “Samples can be taken home and once you’ve made a choice, our professional flooring estimators will measure your floors and give you a full quotation,” says Neil.

A free full carpet fitting service is available for customers who spend over £500 on carpets when buying Treadmore or Kensington underlay*.

Call the Aldiss flooring shop now on 0845 1303388 (Fakenham) or 0845 2303388 (Norwich). You can also visit them in store or browse the full flooring collection at aldiss.com/flooring.

*Surcharge applicable when fitting halls/stairs/landings