Whether you’re sprucing up a room or doing a full décor transformation, choosing window dressings is an important decision that requires some careful thought.

“A dressed window is as much a focal point as a fireplace, bed, or sofa, and can totally transform a room by adding a touch of unique style,” says Tina Barkway, trading director at Norfolk department store, Aldiss.

Eastern Daily Press: Patterned curtains and blinds can inject personality into a subtle décor schemePatterned curtains and blinds can inject personality into a subtle décor scheme (Image: Aldiss)

But with so many considerations – from where to shop, whether to choose curtains, blinds or both, not to mention style, colour, fabric and all the measurements that go with it – it’s difficult to know where to begin. “It can be quite a minefield and a decision that is often last in the queue when decorating a room,” adds Tina.

To help make your decision a little bit easier, we speak to Tina about the key considerations when buying curtains and blinds and her top tips for dressing windows.

What are bespoke curtains and blinds?

If you want your window dressing to fit perfectly and make a style statement, you can’t go wrong with made to measure curtains and blinds. As part of the bespoke service at Aldiss, you can choose from a wide range of styles, fabrics and linings to suit your exact requirements.

“Whether you want blackout roller blinds for a bedroom, or elegant eyelet curtains for your living room, our made to measure window dressings are completely bespoke, so you’re getting something unique that no one else will have in their home,” says Tina.

“Our galleries have over 1,000 high-quality fabrics to choose from,” she goes on to say, “and our expert team will measure your window and even fit your curtains or blinds for you for an additional cost if you don’t feel confident hanging them yourself.”

Pattern or plain: what style of fabric is best?

Eastern Daily Press: Tina advises using patterned fabrics if you want to draw attention from an uninspiring viewTina advises using patterned fabrics if you want to draw attention from an uninspiring view (Image: Copyright:RGLANCY)

When it comes to deciding the style of your curtains or blinds, it’s all down to personal preference and how your room is decorated. If you’re working with a bold wallpaper or brightly coloured furnishings, neutral window dressings can enhance the overall look. If your décor is more subtle, a patterned fabric can inject personality into the space.

If in doubt, opt for something understated, advises Tina. “A subtle stripe or a textured weave can make just as much of a statement if you’re unsure about using a bold pattern.

“Plain curtains paired with a patterned roman blind complement each other beautifully, while patterned fabrics can be a savvy choice if you want to draw attention from an uninspiring view,” she adds.

What lining options are available?

Choosing the right lining can enhance the overall effect and functionality of your curtains or blinds. Blackout blinds shut out light from outside and are a great choice for bedrooms, while thermal lining gives additional insulation and warmth, perfect for cosy spaces. Sheer drapes are more decorative than practical, but can be paired with thicker fabrics or blinds.

Velvet living room curtains have also made a comeback over the last year, says Tina. “Whether you choose plain, textured or even patterned, velvet curtains create a bold statement and because of their weight, they also provide additional insulation.”

What are the curtain and blind colour trends for autumn 2021?

Eastern Daily Press: Deep shades and rustic tones are popular colour trends for autumn 2021Deep shades and rustic tones are popular colour trends for autumn 2021 (Image: Copyright:RGLANCY)

Interior design trends over the last year were all about being braver with colour – and that’s true in the world of window dressings too. “We’ve all experienced change and challenges over the past 18 months so why not have some fun with your décor?” says Tina. “Window treatments are a great way to introduce colour and texture into your home with co-ordinating cushions, throws and other accessories.”

While grey, cream and white window dressings create a simple canvas that can be added to, deep jewel shades and brighter colours are at the forefront of autumn interior trends this year. “Rich greens and teals combined with pinks or rustic tones work in any room, while plum shades mix beautifully with greys, pinks and nude tones to give warmth to a cooler palette,” says Tina.

“Classic blue remains a popular choice, as are deep reds such as terracotta. Nature-inspired prints are also a big trend currently and are perfect for joining the outside with the inside,” she adds.

Any more tips for dressing windows?

When dressing patio or French doors, Tina advises fixing the curtain track or pole to extend beyond the window on both sides. “This means the curtains can be pulled back out of the way to take advantage of the outside view,” she says. “Taking the pole beyond a window and hanging floor-length curtains can also transform narrow openings to make them look wider.”

To find out more about the made to measure service at Aldiss, visit their stores in Fakenham and Norwich.

Alternatively, browse aldiss.com to see their range of ready-made blinds and curtains for sale or read more about how to choose window dressings on their blog: aldiss.com/article/147-6-things-to-consider-when-choosing-window-dressings.