Experts at Aldiss share some handy tips for a fresher, more organised home.

It’s one of those tasks that many of us neglect over the winter, but giving your home a deep clean and tackling its problem areas can be hugely rewarding.

“Refreshing your living spaces can have a positive effect on your mindset,” says Tina Barkway, buying director at Aldiss department store. “Before you start, it’s worth stocking up on quality cleaning tools – you’ll find everything you need in our stores to give your home a much-needed makeover, from brushes and brooms to the latest steam mops and vacuums.”

Eastern Daily Press: Aldiss stores in Norwich and Fakenham have a range of cleaning tools in stock to help you get your home looking its bestAldiss stores in Norwich and Fakenham have a range of cleaning tools in stock to help you get your home looking its best (Image: Aldiss)

Whether you’re planning to scrub each room from top to bottom or quickly refresh a few areas, here are some useful tips on how to make your home sparkle.

1) How to clean your curtains

Window dressings are often overlooked as a cleaning priority, but they can collect a fair amount of dust and dirt over time. “Always check the label for how to care for your curtains, as window dressings come in such a variety of fabrics and some will have quite specific cleaning instructions,” says Tina.

If your curtains are suitable for washing, Tina advises putting them on “a gentle cycle, in cool to warm water with mild detergent, and then hanging them on the line to dry.”

Eastern Daily Press: Always check the label for guidance on how to clean your curtainsAlways check the label for guidance on how to clean your curtains (Image: OlgaChertova)

Once you’ve removed your curtains or blinds, give your windows a thorough clean inside and out using glass cleaner with a microfibre cloth for streak-free views.

2) How to clean your sofa

From pet hair to food crumbs and spilled drinks, sofas are a hotspot for grime and stains. If you want to keep your upholstery looking its best, it’ll need a deep clean every few months. “Always check the manufacturer's label for guidance on how to clean your sofa,” says Victoria Jackson, furniture buying director at Aldiss, “as some fabrics may be suitable for water or solvent-based cleaners, whereas others may be vacuum-only.”

Use the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, taking care to do both sides of the cushions and underneath them. Most fabric and leather sofas can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and soap but a specialist upholstery cleaner will be needed for tougher stains.

3) How to clean bedding

You’re probably in the habit of washing your bed sheets and duvet cover regularly, but how often do you do a hygiene check on other bedding?

Eastern Daily Press: Mattresses can be vacuumed and spot-cleaned with water and a mild cleanerMattresses can be vacuumed and spot-cleaned with water and a mild cleaner (Image: Aldiss)

“Your pillows, duvet, comforters and cushion covers should be cleaned every six months or so – but as always, check the care label first,” says Victoria. “Mattresses can be vacuumed with the upholstery attachment and spot-cleaned with water and a mild cleaner to remove stains.”

If your bedding is machine washable (don’t forget your mattress topper), a gentle cycle and warm temperature of around 30° should do the trick.

4) How to clean hard floors

Floors endure scuffs, spills and general wear and tear on a daily basis, especially in high traffic areas. The good news is that hard flooring – including vinyl, tiles and wood – is easy to clean and maintain. “Vacuum or sweep your floors first and then wet clean them with a mop and floor-cleaning detergent, repeating this process at least every month,” advises Tina. “Steam mops can be very effective at cleaning hard floors and give them a polished look.”

5) How to clean carpets

Carpets take a little more elbow grease to deep clean, especially if they are well-worn or stained. Vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust and tackle discoloured areas with a stain remover or carpet cleaner. "Cool water is best for wool carpets or wool blends, and it's best to leave them to dry overnight if using a carpet cleaner," advises Tina.

“Don't forget rugs, door mats and bath mats – frequently used bath mats should ideally be washed every few weeks and replaced every six months,” she adds.

6) How to recycle at home

It's now more important than ever to do our bit towards protecting the planet, and one small way you can help is by making sure you are recycling at home.

Every kitchen should have a general waste and recycling bin. When spring cleaning, make sure you're sorting through your household waste properly and recycling whatever you can.

If you're looking to buy cleaning tools, go to or visit Aldiss stores in Norwich and Fakenham.

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