Bank holidays are a time to relax or spend time with friends and family, but for Mods and Rockers in the 1960s, the days were used as an excuse to motorcycle or scooter their way down to the coast.

In Norfolk, Mods, who favoured soul, R&B and beat music and rode scooters, took on the Rockers, who listened to 1950s rock and roll and rode motorcycles, at seaside locations such as Great Yarmouth and Cromer, as well as in Aylsham, where a large altercation took place in October 1966.

Issues in Great Yarmouth began in August 1964 when stink bombs were thrown into restaurants and cafes.

Illegal behaviour resulted in Yarmouth magistrates imposing heavy fines on teenage offenders, but the threat of punishment did little to deter the troublemakers.

The following year the regular seaside invasions began early, and from Easter continued intermittently at weekends through the summer, persuading fearful visitors to seek trouble-free locations – which was not always possible.

On Easter Monday 1965, the Great Yarmouth Mercury's reporter, Mike Farman, described scenes as “not a healthy sight".

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