Bustling with fun seekers enjoying live shows, arcades and rides, Great Yarmouth's Britannia Pier has been a family favourite for decades.

But in 1954, the pier was in peril when a fire saw most of it crumble in to the sea.

The fire broke out in the pier's 84ft long bar during the night on April 20, 1954, it was noticed by a night watchman who sounded the alarm but he was unable to prevent most of the structure from perishing.

As the fire raged on it destroyed the Pavilion Theatre, Ocean Ballroom and restaurant, before offices, small shops and stalls, amusements, children's rides, dodgems and the coastguard's lookout all fell to the blaze.

Not everything was lost though, with the central amusement arcade known as the Palace of Fun saved.

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The pier was rebuilt, reopened and filled with holidaymakers once again by 1955.

It was not the first time the pier had burned down, having previously caught fire in 1909.