1987 storm: Spooky sight unearthed

Here is a look back at the North Norfolk News' coverage of the 1987 storm from 23rd October 1987.

Hurricane winds unearthed a spooky sight at Heydon Church.

Old bones were found entangled in the muddy roots of a lime tree which collapsed outside the village church on Friday.

Churchwarden Mr John Aves said: 'We went down there last night with a torch and a spade and felt more like bodysnatchers to be honest with you. We saw some bones and just threw some earth over them.'

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More bones had been exposed as mud fell off the roots but they would also be covered over.

The Rev Jess Stubenbord, the priest in charge, commented: 'They were very old bones. We don't know whose they were but they must have been there for a long time to have been under the tree.'