Latitude Festival 2017: Susan Calman review

Crowd at Latitude 2017 - Paul John Bayfield

Crowd at Latitude 2017 - Paul John Bayfield - Credit: PAUL JOHN BAYFIELD

It's hard to believe this wry and witty comedian started out as a corporate lawyer, although then again it's not.

The intelligence and depth of her humour is something she may well have needed in her previous career.

It's also hard to believe this is her first ever festival. I have previously come across her on Have I Got News for You and Would I Lie To You from which one of her lies I still remember because it tickled me that much. Opening with jokes about banking and Trump, she quickly wins the crowd over. The first half comprises family anecdotes, then plays on her TV fame by recounting less successful performances. From being asked by Jeremy Paxman whether she really had a degree, to getting questions on her weakest topics on QI - namely the Bible and English counties, she is refreshingly self-deprecating. Hopefully it won't be her last festival.

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