Latitude 2016: Reggie Watts gives a unique performance.

Reggie Watts perfoms in the Comedy tent at Latitude 2016 - Paul John Bayfield

Reggie Watts perfoms in the Comedy tent at Latitude 2016 - Paul John Bayfield

It is rare you see an act which covers as many bases as Reggie Watts.

From looping and beatboxing to physical comedy the man has a presence.

The American performs a strangely awkward set but it is captivating. He spends much of it talking incoherently or discussing how everyone is a hologram however he somehow manages to keep the audience with him, no easy feat.

While his set up features a series of instruments filling the stage some of them went unused and there was a feeling that Watts was coming up with most of his content on the spot.

An ode to England and gingers, referencing East Anglian Queen Boudicca, certainly devolved into commentary on members of the crowd who were leaving in musical form.

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Watts punctuated his more surreal pieces with the music and much of the laughter was drawn from the use of his body - making faces, dancing and at one point putting his leg up over the barrier, requiring a fan to help him down (probably for the comic value).

While he never drew full on guffaws Watts thoroughly entertained the crowd in his own way and he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself, promising to return for a full weekend next time around.

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