Historical ship will set sail for King’s Lynn

A country fair is being held to celebrate the return of a 1900 cockling boat, the Baden Powell.

Visitors will be able to see how the 114 year-old vessel is shaping up as it is currently being restored before its move to Purfleet, King's Lynn.

The event will be held on Saturday June 14 at Buttermans Farm, Terrington St John, where the historical boat, which was built in Lynn, currently lives.

Ken Hill, from King's Lynn Wofolk Boat Trust said: 'When the planking is done, work will begin on the decking. Then she will be ready to be transferred to Purfleet.

'After final restoration jobs, such as fitting out, rigging and sails for her to navigate, she will then float out into the River Ouse and begin giving groups of local people and visitors the opportunity to feel what it's like to sail in a historic fishing boat.'

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The vessel, named after a boy scout leader, was built by Walter Worfolk of Lynn for the Cook family and fished until the 1980's.

Mr Hill said: 'Some planks will remain in place, though it is impossible to say whether any of them date from the original build.

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'Many will have been replaced before after normal wear and tear throughout its 80 years fishing history.'

A team of dedicated volunteers who are working on the boat, hope that it will be ready next year.

But until then, people can view the Baden Powell at the county fair for free.

There will also be sideshows like a coconut shy, hoop the pig, skittles and croquet. There will also be a raffle, tombola, and face painting.

At 7.30pm the Springwood Big Band will be performing jazz and swing music, with Eddie Seales.

There will also be a barbecue and a bar to keep visitors refreshed (£10 adults and £3 for under 10s).

Tickets for the Baden Powell Country Fair are available from Tim Clayton Jewellery at 21 Chapel Street, or call 01553 7772329.

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